Log Info eMMC/Dump eMMC+Kode iC Power Original Samsung J200g

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Log Info eMMC/Dump eMMC+Kode iC Power Original Samsung J200g
Log Info Device

Manufacturer ID: 0x15 (Samsung)
Product name: FN12MB (0x464e31324d42), rev: 0x00, serial number: 0x4072D2E4
Manufacturing date: Oct 2015
CID: 15010046 4E31324D 42004072 D2E4A228
CSD: D0270132 0F5903FF F6DBFFEF 8E40400C
EXT_CSD revision: 1.7 (MMC v5.0, v5.01) 
Capacity: 7.29 GiB(7,827,095,552 bytes)
Partition info:
Boot1: 4096 KiB
Boot2: 4096 KiB
RPMB: 512 KiB
User area: 7.28 GiB(7,818,182,656 bytes)
Cache size: 64 MiB
Partition configuration: 0x48
Boot acknowledge is sent during the boot operation
Boot partition 1 is enabled for boot
Partitioning support: 0x07
Device support partitioning feature
Device can have enhanced technological features
Device partitioning possible
Boot configuration protection: 0x00
Boot bus conditions: 0x01
Bus width: x4 (sdr/ddr), boot mode: sdr(default), reset bus width to x1 sdr(default)
Boot area write protection: 0x00
Power-on write protection: possible
Permanent write protection: possible
Lock status: not locked

ANDROID ROM detected:
platform: exynos3, cpu abi: armeabi-v7a
manufacturer: samsung
board: universal3475, name: j2ltedd
brand: samsung, model: SM-J200G
build id: LMY47X, version: 5.1.1 (LMY47X.J200GDDU1AOK1)
build description: j2ltedd-user 5.1.1 LMY47X J200GDDU1AOK1 release-keys

Untuk Kode ic dan tata letak pemasanganya bisa lihat pada gambar dibawah ini
Log Info eMMC/Dump eMMC+Kode iC Power Original Samsung J200g
Gambar diatas merupakan kode ic original yang kami ambil langsung dari smartphonenya,untuk file dumpnya bisa di unduh di sini File eMMC sAMSUNG J200g.Selamat mencoba  semoga sukses


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