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Firmware Oppo F1S A1601 Backup Langsung Dari Smartphonenya

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Firmware Oppo F1S A1601 Backup Langsung Dari Smartphonenya
Firmware Oppo
Firmware oppo f1s backup dari hp normal.Berikut firmware yang kami backup menggunakan ufi box dari hp yang normal,dimana sebelumnya kami juga sudah membagikan Cara Root Dan Pasang Twrp Oppo F1s.tentu firmware backupan ini biasa sangat cocok untuk perbaikan seperti
  • Oppo F1s Boot Loop
  • Oppo F1s Hang Logo
  • Oppo F1s Mati Total
  • Oppo F1s Baseband Unknown
  • Oppo F1s Tidak ada Sinyal
  • Dan kerusakan pada masalah Os Launya.
Baik langsung saja untuk firmware oppo f1s backup dari hp normal bisa langsung diunduh setelah log yang terlampir


Manufacturer ID: 0x90 (SK Hynix)
Product name: HBG4a2 (0x484247346132), rev: 0xA4, serial number: 0x1988A0B8
Manufacturing date: Jul 2016
CID: 90014A48 42473461 32A41988 A0B8737B
Capacity: 29.13 GiB(31,281,119,232 bytes)
Boot1: 4096 KiB
Boot2: 4096 KiB
RPMB: 4096 KiB
User area: 29.12 GiB(31,268,536,320 bytes)
USB speed: Full-Speed
Switching to USB High-Speed...
Scanning DA USB High-Speed port... Done.
Detected MediaTek DA USB VCOM (Android) (COM24)
Connection status: EHCI:HUB:HUB:USB 2.1 High-Speed
USB Driver: [MediaTek Inc.] wdm_usb, version: 3.0.1504.0, date: 1-22-2016

platform: MT6755, cpu abi: arm64-v8a
manufacturer: OPPO
board: full_oppo6750_15331, name: A1601
brand: OPPO, model: A1601(OPPO F1s)
build id: LMY47I, version: 5.1 Lollipop (A1601EX_11_A.09_160728)
build description: full_oppo6750_15331-user 5.1 LMY47I 1469700042 release-keys

build version: A1601EX_11_A.09_160728
screen resolution: 1280 x 720
main camera: s5k3l8_mipi_raw
lens: dw9718af
front camera: s5k3p3sp_mipi_raw
audio: amp_6323pmic_spk
touch: GT1XX
modem: oppo6750_15331_lwg

imei[1]: 86121603331xxxx
imei[2]: 86121603331xxxx
Internal storage: 25.59 GiB
crypto state: unencrypted

Reading preloader... Done.
Reading pgpt... Done.
Reading recovery... Done.
Reading para... Done.
Reading reserve1... Done.
Reading reserve2... Done.
Reading reserve3... Done.
Reading reserve4... Done.
Reading oppo_custom... Done.
Reading expdb... Done.
Reading frp... Done.
Reading nvdata... Done.
Reading metadata... Done.
Reading protect1... Done.
Reading protect2... Done.
Reading seccfg... Done.
Reading oemkeystore... Done.
Reading proinfo... Done.
Reading md1img... Done.
Reading md1dsp... Done.
Reading md1arm7... Done.
Reading md3img... Done.
Reading nvram... Done.
Reading lk... Done.
Reading lk2... Done.
Reading boot... Done.
Reading logo... Done.
Reading tee1... Done.
Reading tee2... Done.
Reading secro... Done.
Reading keystore... Done.
Reading reserve_exp1... Done.
Reading system... Done.
Reading reserve_exp2... Done.
Reading reserve_exp3... Done.
Reading cache... Done.
Reading flashinfo... Done.
Files saved to \\%BACKUPS%\Oppo\A1601(F1s)\A1601EX_11_A.09_160728\

Completed in 5 mins 57.760 s A1601EX_11_A.09_160728 
Part Link | Link1-Link2

Untuk detail bagaiman cara flashing,kami sudah merangkumnya jadi satu halaman,silahkan lanjut disini Cara Flashing Semua ANDROID

Sekian,Firmware oppo f1s bakcup langsung dari smartphonya,jika ingin menggunakan firmware lain Silahkan Lanjut disini Koleksi Firmware Oppo Terbaru Lengkap.

Selamat mencoba dan semoga sukses

In between our time repairing phones, we will always give our best to revise and update the post/tutorial whenever we find that there is a mistake in the writings, or a file is missing. So please kindly do let us know. Please read the disclaimer section first before you following the tutorial or downloading any file from us. We hope you understand our policy. Thank you.


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